About The Author

Andrew B. Sacks has been taking pictures since he was a child, and this book is a collection of his best pictures. The transition he had to make from 35 millimeters to digital media was challenging but enabled him to take many shots to choose from and erase the bad ones.

Andrew never changed his setting from Automatic on his many Canon cameras because he takes pictures just as the camera wants to take them. All the photos are untouched as Andrew is a self-admitted boomer who cannot keep up with technology and has never used Photoshop or any other application to alter an image. These are all pure and simple photos.

My Pictures

Buy any of the 240 pictures for just $ 19.99 each. Use the picture for a cup, a wall hanging or anything you want.

50% of the proceeds from the sales of the book and the pictures will go to charities everywhere to eradicate incurable diseases.