Portuguese Wedding Practices

Weddings can be a big deal in Portugal. The country’s unique traditions can make for a truly unforgettable experience.

The processional may be a special section of the ceremony in Portuguese weddings. This tradition starts from the bride’s https://hingeapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007194774-Safe-Dating-Advice residence and ends at the community center. This requires the groom and his entourage walking straight down the aisle.

Another important element of Portuguese weddings is a selection of a padrinho and madrinha to guide the couple through their marriage. They may be expected to help them overcome virtually any marital conditions that might arise during their journey with each other.

Friends are also tasked with throwing rice grains with the newlyweds because they leave the ceremony, which usually symbolizes luck and fertility. Yet , https://russiansbrides.com/portuguese-brides most are now changing this habit with confetti or blossom petals for a more eco-friendly alternate.


Cake-cutting is another traditions that is popular in Costa da prata weddings. This occurs near midnight, and guests must participate.

It’s customary for couples to slice a piece of the wedding cake and foodstuff it to each other. This is also delete word guests to exhibit their support by giving them gifts.

The reception commonly lasts before the next day. It truly is referred to as “Copo de Agua” or “Glass of Water”.

After the wedding couple arrive at their very own wedding location, the groom’s family is accountable for hosting the reception. This is a practice that dates back towards the Middle Ages and is also a sign of your tight-knit Costa da prata family.

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